Data communicated well
is used well.

I’ll show you how.

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How I Can Help

After 20+ years of working with data that has been communicated badly, Joe now teaches organizations how to use Power BI (Microsoft’s data dashboard software) and designs data visualizations in people-friendly and productive ways.

No jargon. No indecipherable charts. No learning curve.

You put so much money, time, energy and stress into collecting and analyzing data. If that data isn’t communicated well so that great and impactful decisions can be made with it, you’re wasting a lot of those resources spent collecting and analyzing it.

Let’s stop wasting money, time, and energy. Let’s make sure that data is used in the best ways possible.

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Friendly and informative Power BI workshops for both beginners and those who already have their feet wet. We’ll walk through everything Power BI can do and how to get started so you can start reporting insights from your data ASAP. In-person and virtual available.

On-Call Support

Need to figure something out in Power BI? Get Joe’s brain on the case and save a whole lot of time. Get the answers about what’s possible in Power BI and even have Joe teach the concepts underlying the answers to you and your team.

Who I’ve Worked With

    Evergreen Data
    Mamow Ahyamowen Alliance
    American College of Physicians
    College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario
    Red Deer Primary Care Network
    Chicago Public Health for Evergreen Data
    U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services for Evergreen Data
    National Institutes of Health for Evergreen Data
    Children’s Funding Project
    A Better Chicago for Evergreen Data
    The Children’s Trust for Evergreen Data
    Baltimore City Public Schools for Evergreen Data