Let’s make your data engaging and usable!

Effective Data Visualization

I take complicated data and visualize it so your stakeholders know exactly what information they need to make effective decisions.

Dialogue Magazine, April 2019

Worked with a communications department to visualize data about women practicing medicine in Ontario.

Readable Reports

People love putting together huge reports, but how many people love reading them? Not too many.

I make reports that look amazing and keep your readers engaged.

Don’t let all that work sit in a drawer. Help people USE your work to make things better.

Amazing Posters

A poster at a Conference, Trade show, or other event is an advertisement for your work. People walk by and decide in a few seconds if they’re going to stop and read or just keep walking.

I design posters that hook people walking by. They’ll stop, read about your work, and probably ask you for more details.

Isn’t that what the goal is? YES.

Memorable Powerpoints

How many powerpoint presentations have you sat through? How many do you actually remember?

Probably not too many. It all blurs into a mess of slides with paragraphs of words in a tiny font that you try and read while someone explains their study / research / quarterly update.

I design powerpoints that people remember and that help them focus on what’s important while giving them all the information you want them to have.

How to Excel

Excel can make awesome data visualizations, but most people just use default Excel graphs which are ugly.

I’m an expert in how to make data look amazing in Excel, and I can teach you how to do the same.

Isn’t that what the goal is? YES.

How to Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s data visualization tool, and it’s extremely powerful if you know how to use it and know it’s capabilities (and limits).

I make custom reports and dashboards in Power BI and can teach you how too.

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