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I love connecting people with one another. We all have different skills and loves, and the more we can connect quality people with one another, the better the world will be.

The following is a list of people I’ve featured as part of “Follow Friday” over on LinkedIn.

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Sarah Williams Leng – building stable foundations for evaluation
Becky Garrow – public health data collection
Sheila B. Robinson – survey design and audience engagement
Ama Nyame-Mensah – data visualization and communication
Nick Visscher – data presentation design with powerpoint

Sarah Williams Leng

Sarah helps organizations build stable and sustainable foundations for effective program monitoring and evaluation. She does this by helping organizations collect, store, and analyze data with great systems that make evaluations easier.

Get to know her by following Sarah Williams Leng Consulting, LLC on LinkedIn and checking her website at

Becky Garrow

Becky is an evaluation consultant focusing on public health research. If you’ve met her in person or online you’ll know she’s very entertaining and forthright.

Becky finds joy in focus groups, surveys and all types of data collection and despairs when confronted with red tape, excessively long meetings, and complexity for the sake of complexity. I think we can all relate with this.

Get to know Becky by following Garrow Consulting, Inc. on LinkedIn and checking her website at

Sheila B. Robinson

Sheila is involved in SO much, but the one thing you need to know about her is that she’s an amazing teacher who is genuinely invested in and cares about her workshop participants’ learning and success. She runs workshops in survey design, evaluation 101 (teaching evaluation to non-evaluators), learning strategies as well as how to engage an audience!

Sheila writes a newsletter about all of these things. Check it out on her website:

Ama Nyame-Mensah

I met Ama through us both being coaches in Stephanie Evergreen‘s Data Visualization Certification Program.

She rocks out with R (and Excel! and Tableau!) and she’s known for her ability to simplify complex data concepts and really cares about how effectively organizations communicate with data.

She designs data experiences that are accessible and actionable (and therefore awesome).

Follow Ama on LinkedIn and check out her website at

Nick Visscher

Nick owns Spotlight Impact Data Design, and helps organizations communicate their data stories through designing data visualizations, reports, and presentations. He’s worked for a variety of cultural organizations like museums, zoos, and aquariums as well as higher education.

His YouTube channel, Spotlight Impact Data Design, is one of my FAVE YouTube channels. It’s full of cool tips about how to make amazing powerpoint slides and other cool visual data products.

Nick is excellent at teaching people how to Powerpoint. His videos are easy to follow, explained well, and makes everything a breeze. One of his videos taught me a cool powerpoint trick that helps me build the graphics for these Follow Friday posts!

Follow Nick and check out him out on YouTube:
Spotlight Impact Data Design